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We are confident that once you find out more, you too will be a member of the All American eBarter Sincerely Yours, John Burrows

  • Our web site is updated real time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. New members are added daily, as well as new products and services.
  • Every member receives daily E-mails with all new products and services being offered.
  • Our membership listings provide a complete listing of all members as well as goods and services offered, contact name, address and phone number. This enables all members to have access to all the other members, easily.
  • Our membership in The International Barter Alliance (IBA) allow us to offer you an extended range of services such as hotel accommodations and restaurant script throughout the world.
  • Your barter needs are our priority. Tell us what you are looking for and we will find it for you. We are constantly adding to our member list and need your input and referrals!

We can be always be reached, and all calls, e-mails or faxes are responded to within one business day.

We are the fastest growing barter on-line Barter company. This is because of our commitment to service and our dedication to quality as well as quantity. We work with people we like and know they will deliver quality goods and services.

If you are interested in learning more about us and would like to talk to one of our professional brokers

Service Solutions and Support


Every business owner has the concern of overhead costs pertaining to the use of standard services. Many of these repeated services can be offset with barter and trade. Thus, retaining more working capital on hand.

At the core of barter and trade is the basic principal that you have a value to your goods and services which is of the same or greater value of another business owners services or products. The function of All American E Barter is to create the level playing field so the free exchange of these transactions may take place easily. Accountability and reliability has been established with one of the longest standing software companies for the barter industry, DO BARTER. This has removed the doubts and made it simple for our members to track, monitor and source the valuable services they need and want.

  • Advertise your company and services
  • Redeem your credits for only the services your want
  • Network with professionals locally and nationally
  • Reduce overhead costs and improve cash flow
  • Use barter to satisfy debt or debtors of your company!

All of this is possible and more. Learn more and call today. 1 (239) 896-2947



All American eBarter
15701 Country Court Fort Myers, FL 33912
Phone 239-277-0799
Authorizations ONLY 866-334-1265
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