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Compact Discs, DVD etc..

8 Track Tape Collection (New Tapes)
8 Track Tape Collection (New Tapes)
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8 Track Tape Collection

If no album name was listed, we listed song titles.  All tapes are new, original shrink wrap from the 1970s, never been open, with original price tags from the 70s, in mint condition.  Will sell this entire lot only.

Artist/Album Name/Songs Titles (Abbreviated)
Albert King/Lovejoy/Honky Tonk Woman,Bay Area Blues,etc
Booker T & Priscilla/The Wedding Song,She,Why,Sister Babe
C.J. Fish/Country Joe and the Fish/She''''s a Bird, Silver & Gold
Coven/One Tin Soldier,Shooting Star,Nightengale,Natural Love,etc
Duke Ellington/The Duke at Tanglewood/Caravan,Love Scene,etc
Erik Satie/Through a Looking Glass/Parade,Deuxieme,etc
Faron Young/If I ever fall in Love,First Day of Weakness,etc
Ginger Baker''''s/Air Force 2/Sweet Wine,Do U No HU Yor Phrenz r,etc
Gustav Mahler-Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra/Symphony No 4 in G major
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds/Don''''t pull your love out, Going Down
Honey Cone/Sweet Replies/Want ads, Blessed Be our Love, etc
Jake Jones/Lost in my own backyard,She must be free, etc
Jerry Wallace/New Orleans in the Rain,After You,She''''ll Remember,etc
Jimi Hendrix & Curtis Knight/Get That Feeling/How would you feel,Hush
Jimmy Web/And So On/Met Her on a Plane,All Night Show,etc
Joe Simon/The Best of Joe Simon/Farther on down the road, etc.
John Mayall/Live in Europe/Help Me,Blues in Bb,Local Boy Makes Good
Joni Mitchell/Blue/All I Want,Little Green,This Flight Tonight
Mahler Symphony No. 1 in D/Boston Symphony Orchestra-Erich Leinsdorf
Margie Joseph/Makes a New Impression/Stop in the Name of Love
Mark-Almond II/Journey Through New England,One Way Sunday,etc
Matthews Southern Comfort/Later that same Year/Woodstock,Sylvie,etc
Mickey Newbury/Frisco Mabel Joy/Frisco Depot,The Future''s,etc
Myron Floren/Spanish Eyes/La Paloma, El Condor Pasa, etc (2)
Rod McKuen with the Stanyan String/Pastorale/Fly Me to the North,etc (2)
Sonny Nelson/Alfie Theme/Street Runner with Child,On Impulse,etc
Spanish 3-Learn Spanish (2)
T-Rex/Ride A White Swan/Childe,The Wizard,Thildren of Rarn, etc
The Crusaders/Pass The Plate/Goin'''' Down South,Young Rabbits,Beggin'''',etc
The London Howlin'''' Wolf Sessions with Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Bill
Wyman, Charlie Watts
The Philadelphia Orchestra Eugene Ormandy/Telemann/4 Concertos for Diverse
Solo Instruments
The Ployright Players/Touch-Original Off Bradway cast recording
Tommy Roe/We Can Make Music,The Greatest Love,Firefly,Traffic Jam,etc
PHilharmonic Orchestra

Quad 8-Four Channel Stereo-8 Track Tapes included
Chopin A La Moog with lots of strings attached (4)
Puccini Madama Butterfly
The Philadelphia Orchestra Eugene Ormandy

Cassette Tapes in new condition
Grateful Dead/Me & My Uncle,Big Boss Man,Wharft Rat,Mama Tried,etc
Jimi Hendrix & Lonnie Youngbood/Two Great Experiences Together

Shipping can be paid by or credit card.

Open or Used Tapes included
Gandharva-The Celestial Musican/Musical sound track for non-existent film
John Mayall/Back to the Roots/Prisons on the Road,Televisio Eye (2)
John Mayall/Empty Rooms/Don''''t Waste My Time,Plan Your Revolution,etc
Spooky Tooth/The Last Puff featuring Mike Harrison/I am the Walrus,etc
Tommy James/Christian of the World/Rings and things,Bits & Pieces,etc

I might have another collection to search thru, but this set is ready to go.  Some of these tapes could bring $100 each cash, and we will not seperate them from the lot.  Must sell whole lot together.


Barter Amount:  $795.00 USD
Qty on Hand:   1
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